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  • Jiachen Liu

Aesthetic Analysis for Est&Co / 01

In addition to the functionality of products that satisfy consumer’s physiological need, these products also aim to trigger psychological need and help the consumer achieve a higher level of goal. For instance, MUJI’s philosophy is to promote Zen culture, and natural lifestyle, that relate to the sense of connection, recognition and even self-actualisation. Their philosophy is running through all their products that form a unique identity.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Visual language of existing products

These products usually have an intimate relationship with the user. Organic and rounded shape with soft textured material to create visual and physical comfort that helps the product merge into the home environment, combined with the durability and stability of the material that encourages the user to contact with the object. Furthermore, a night of good sleep requires to eliminate arousal; the unobtrusive design makes these products like plain furniture which are less attract users attention.


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