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  • Jiachen Liu

Market Analysis for Est&Co / 01

Product in the existing market vary greatly in price, range, and features. Products are typically task specific and categorised by their main functions, include: Sound effect, Light stimulation and Aroma diffuse.

Sound Effect

Light Stimulation

Aroma Diffuser

Positioning map

Price and functionality positioning map

Usage map

Other Solutions

Many products have no direct impact on improving sleep quality, but they could help user have better understanding and management of sleep thus improving sleep quality. Also, many mobile app based solutions have great success in the market. Below are some representative examples


Final proposed positioning map

Due to the characteristics of 01, It will not have the direct competitor on the current market. However, the functionalities may overlay products from different categories.

The anticipated target RRP cost for 01 is approximately $700 AUD, $900(with sleep monitor and sleep emphazie functions), $40/3months or $100/year subscription fee for app service.

Lean Canvas


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