Health management system

Amare is designed for building a more effective connection between people who have diabetes and hypertension with healthcare providers that deliver a better patient experience and improve the quality of care given by the provider In order to help patients achieve better health condition, a series products include a home device, a wearable tracker and a continuous glucose monitor aim to integrate into user’s lifestyle, it will help healthcare professions have a more comprehensive understanding about patients condition, and provides more specific and targeted guidance to patients

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Product design



Eliminate the boundaries between patient and healthcare, improve patient's physical and psychological acceptance.


System flowchart

Pain-free glucose monitor

Continuous Glucose Monitoring measures the level of glucose in the interstitial fluid. The user applies the sensor held by the patch in place so the sensor can measure glucose level throughout the day and night. With built-in Bluetooth, the data are sent wirelessly to the user’s mobile device. The user can track current glucose levels, as well as historical trends effortlessly.

All-conditons wearable

Physical activity plays an important protective role in diabetes and hypertension. The wearable provides more comprehensive and detailed information about patients lifestyle(include activity levels, sleep condition, blood pressure, heart rate) to the healthcare profession that help with finding the risk factors. Minimal weight ,breathable and soft material creates comfort that makes user like to wear in different activities.

Home device

Home device with A.I aims to assist patients to engage deeper with instruction and guidance provided by the healthcare profession while reducing the effort and confusion. The device helps the user get instant answers and gentle reminder through voice interaction.