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Product Design




屏幕快照 2019-09-27 下午9.01.25.png

Sleep is essential for our general wellbeing. However, over 40% of Australian not satisfied with their sleep quality ,feel unrested and unable to perform at their best. Most of us know that poor sleep is linked to diseases like Alzheimer's, cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes, but also  Poor sleep makes us make risky, rash decisions and is a drain on our capacity for empathy. When sleep deprivation literally makes us more sensitive to our own pain, it's not so surprising that we have a hard time relating to others.

01 is designed for helping people have enjoyable sleep experience by utilising sound therapy, light effect and techniques from cognitive behaviour therapy.

The principle of the design is to use the physiological response to certain environmental factors(sound, light) to help users achieve their goals.
The more the user engages with the ambience created by the device, the more effectiveness the user will receive.

The form follows the function, which also allows the device to be used as a table lamp

Pendant lights create the perfect ambient effect for the interior, and technically it has the potential to integrate the audio system. 

Details exploration & Model making

Over sixty per cent of people with sleep issues have at least two sleep issues, and these issues often change without presage. Current solutions on the market mainly focused on a single issue, instead recognize sleep as a whole experience, which leads to an incomplete and ineffective result.

Flow chart for sleep emphasize (default setting)

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Volume control & switch button

Optional colours & accessories